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RelyID® confirms in real-time that an individual is who they say they are by utilizing Knowledge Based Authentication. This process utilizes information contained within billions of public records to generate questions that if answered correctly are typically only known by that individual. The identity is confirmed with higher accuracy utilizing idMagnify's proprietary algorithms. These algorithms enable RelyID® to quickly modify thresholds and rules to customize a solution based upon your business requirements.

Key features

  • Turnkey solution that is ready on demand
  • Real-time responses to identity requests
  • Instant results and verification
  • US based customer support for questions and exception handling
  • Reduced development effort

Who uses age verification?

  • Subscription or membership services that rely on minimum age requirements
  • Manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of age-restricted items like wine, liquor, firearms, and cigarettes
  • Online match making businesses such as dating sites that offer age verification as a mandatory or premium component to their users