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RelyID® is a Fraud Prevention, Compliancy, and Risk Management Solution.

RelyID® is the leading ID verification in the marketplace with full IT and Customer Services support as a turnkey solution. RelyID® has validated over 300,000 ID's and is the leading solution for many industries. Our database is EU Safe Harbor certified and our companies service Fortune 100/500 companies around the globe.

ID Verification and Authentication
Provide electronic ID verification and authentication online in real-time using a web service call or using our hosted platform solutions. Our 44 year old company has never had a data breech! Our company secures your data in our high security datacenter with backup locations in the US.

  • Name/ Aliases
  • Date of Birth or Age
  • Social Security
  • Passport
  • Fingerprints
  • Address History
  • Drivers License
  • Email
  • Phone Numbers
  • Many more data sets or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Parental Consent Controls
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) COPPA and CARU compliant solutions for web operators.

  • Adult ID Verification and permission platform or API
  • Child Accounts – Under 13/18
  • Website Access, marketing filters, and permissions

Criminal and Background Checks
FCRA compliant solution and our criminal database is the #1 criminal convictions database in the screening industry with over 400 million records.

  • National Criminal Check
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Education & Employment Verification in 189 countries
  • Company Vetting
  • Security Clearance

RelyID Submits FTC/ COPPA Rule Comments

Following the Federal Trade Commission announcement that it was seeking public comment on the benefits of an FTC rule designed to protect children online, RelyID has recommended that the FTC expand its enforcement of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to include new methods for parental consent.

Read the letter to the FTC