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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | January 10, 2008

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Pasadena , CA - January 10, 2008 - today eHarmony announced the release of eHarmony RelyID®, a new online ID verification service for eHarmony members. The service, which is a partnership with RelyID®, a leading provider of age and identity verification services, gives eHarmony members the opportunity to easily validate key profile details which are viewed by other potential matches.

RelyID® provides a method for members of the eHarmony community to advertise their commitment to potential matches via a simple identity verification process. Using publicly available information, RelyID® validates a user's first name, last name, age, and address, though only the first name, age, and city of residence are actually displayed to other users. Once verified, a user's profile features an ever-present RelyID® badge, which shows that their personal information has been verified. "We chose RelyID® as our partner because they are a leader in age and identity verification services and they have proven abilities with innovative technology." said Greg Waldorf, CEO of eHarmony. "eHarmony has always been up to the challenge of using the latest technologies to provide a premium service to our customers.

According to RelyID® Vice President, Pat Mangiacotti, RelyID® is very excited about eHarmony's commitment to online identity verification. "This partnership demonstrates eHarmony's thought leadership and provides a great member benefit based on our expertise in providing age and identity verification," she says. ÒIt continues to build upon eHarmony's commitment to being the gold standard in online relationships.

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About RelyID®.com
RelyID® ( provides real time Identity Verification tools to consumers as well as businesses via a user-friendly web-based applications utilizing Knowledge Based Authentication.

RelyID®'s extensive collection of accurate and up-to-date public records enables them to provide identity verification and information to businesses and consumers instantly. Additional services include access to the nation's largest criminal screening database containing more than 300 million instant criminal records updated from direct sources on a monthly basis and verification of education, employment and professional certifications. The service is non-intrusive to consumers, maintains privacy while at the same time helping businesses prevent fraud and increase revenues.